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For New Customers

We will ship by international mail. Please choose from SAL, Surface mail, EMS. Please see the price list for shipping fee.

* If we cannot send by the desired delivery method for reasons of size, weight, and other, we may change the delivery method.
* Please note that If you choose a delivery method other than EMS, we cannot guarantee of non-delivery, damage, etc.

We take only Paypal, or credit card payment. The credit card transaction is at the time of shipment.

* Orders with payment with Paypal will be automatically canceled if there is no payment within seven days from the time of billing. Also, other orders such as reservation, etc. will also be canceled.

Pre-ordered items and items in stock, as well as pre-ordered merchandise with different release month (For instance, August release pre-ordered items, September release pre-ordered items, etc.) when putting them in the cart and being ordered at the same time, the order is divided automatically; it becomes each different order, each pre-ordered item requires the shipping fee.
When the above condition is not fulfilled such as in the case when items planned to be released in the same month at the time of order is rescheduled to be released in another month; we will ship your order in a split manner.
Please take note that in this case, the shipping cost will be charged with each shipment.

Shipping schedule of items in stock

For orders only with stock items, we will ship from our shop during 1-4 regular business days. However, please acknowledge that shipment may be delayed when busy, such as the end of the month, at the beginning of the month or consecutive holidays.

Scheduled shipment of pre-order items

For orders including pre-order items, we will ship your order after all the items have arrived.

After shipment, the number of days required for delivery

Estimated number of days from our shipping to delivery is approximate as follows.

  • SAL - 10-30 days
  • Surface - 1-3 months
  • EMS - 2-7 days
About pre-order items

Selling may be postponed or stopped depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer for pre-order items.
Also, there are cases when the number of stocks we receive from manufacturers and wholesalers may reduce without notice. We try to gather as much information as possible about the possibilities of the reduce of numbers of items we receive, and we try to obtain more than the stock status volume however when reduced number of arrivals maybe more than we cannot be dealt with, we may cancel your order after we contact you by e-mail.
However, pre-ordered items may not entirely be delivered at the first delivery on the release date due to the circumstances of the manufacturer and may be scheduled later.
When the number of items cannot be secured sufficiently with the first delivery, the order is not canceled, it will be shipped one after the other after the arrival of the product.
Please understand before you order the nature of hobby products which are difficult to reproduce repeatedly.

Release postponement of pre-ordered items

When items scheduled to be released in the same month at the time of ordering have the time of release rescheduled; we will not ship until we receive all the merchandise.
Please contact us if you would like to ship only the arrived products.
Please take note if it the items are shipped separately, the shipping cost will be charged with each shipment.

About stock status displays

The stock update may not be in time and sold out or pre-order period has passed items may still be shown as purchase available. In this case, we will cancel your order if we are not able to obtain the item additionally.
The product availability is updated at any time. However, the item may be sold out depending on other customers timing of order.
In this case, also, we will cancel your order if we are not able to obtain the item additionally.

Per-Customer Limits

We are setting a limit on the number of sales to each product.
For products with few stocks, we would like to pass as many products as possible to many customers.
The limit number is the total number of same households.
Even if your name/e-mail address, address notation, etc. of address are different, if the staff judge that the address is the same, we will correspond as the same customer.
If the total number of the order exceeds the limit within one household, we will cancel the order.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Currently, items which are out-of-stock, but can be ordered has stock status displayed as "This product can be ordered." The timing of when we can obtain the item depends on business partners and products; however, in most cases, it will be 1 to 3 days if early, 7 to 10 days if late.
The number of stocks of order goods that may change, please take note that there may be cases that the item becomes out of shares after your order.

Monday - Friday (excluding holidays in Japan)
We will have holidays in New Year and summer holiday seasons. Also, there may be cases that we have temporary closure.
We will reply to your e-mail you sent us within the next business day at the latest. Please note that sending of confirmation e-mail to orders we received during holidays, the reply of mail, shipping items, will be after the next business day.
We accept orders from the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We will ship the product in plain cardboard without shop name. However, in the case of large-sized products or large-volume orders, we may re-use cardboards of ordered items or other toys. Also, if the item is small, we will package the item with packaging material and send with an envelope.

All products handled at our shop are brand new. The opening trace such as the double seal of a new package is an inspection mark at the time of factory production of a maker, or at customs clearance. Scratches made in the above process, some dents, etc. will be the specification of the product. We ask for your understanding that there may be minor damage, the color fade of the package since we may send the product placed at actual stores.

For expensive items/orders, we might ask you to deposit before sale. We appreciate your understanding.

Please note before ordering that because of the nature of the handling product, we do not accept cancellation after the order. If canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, we will charge a cancellation fee regardless of the reason.

· Cancellation fee: 50% of the ordered merchandise price

If you wish for cancellation, we will send you an invoice, so contact us to the e-mail address mentioning "cancellation of the order."

If your order does not arrive

We will correspond to the loss of item with EMS shipment only. For other delivery methods will be out of warranty. Please understand beforehand that we cannot respond to your inquiry. Regarding the non-arrival of EMS, after seven days have elapsed from our shipment,

  • order number
  • name
  • EMS TRK No.

Please state the above and contact
Please note that we may not be able to correspond if you do not contact us within 7days.

Damage caused at the time of delivery

We cannot respond to minor scratches, dents, dirt; however, regarding significant damage/contamination, we will send you a substitute article instead of a damaged/contaminated item. If substitute items cannot be prepared, we will correspond by the refund.
When there is definite damage to cardboard caused during transportation, do not open the package; contact the delivery company.
* The opening trace such as the double sticking of the seal of a new package is caused at the factory or a customs inspection trace at custom inspections.
*We ask for your understanding that scratches and small dents of packages may occur in the above process; and we do not consider them as product damage.

The initial defective item at the time of manufacture

For initial faulty items such as breakage in the package, parts shortage, etc. please contact us via e-mail for details. We will negotiate with the manufacturer instead of the customer.

About shipping cost of the initial defective item

When it is recognized as initial failure/breakage, we will be responsible for the shipping cost necessary for returning the item and sending the replaced item to you.

Return due to customer's personal preference

Please understand that we do not accept returns/exchanges etc. due to customer’s convenience.

Example of refusing return/exchange

Initial failure after a considerable period has passed from the date of purchase
· Reason such as breakage of dressing box or outer box · scratch · dirt (excluding remarkable damage caused by troubles during delivery etc.)
※ Please understand beforehand that manufacturer's warranty does not guarantee the box and outer box of the product.
· When the product was opened and used, and not possible to return to the original state
· When we judge that we cannot correspond to the matter.

The items which have no specification of character or design individually sold.
BOX, Trading contents designation cannot be received.
Because we sell them in stores, even if there is enough stock, we cannot accept the request for all types of complete set or order in BOX units.
There may be cases where a specific character is displayed as a representative in the product image, but that does not mean it is possible to order that character.
Please understand that we cannot answer the inquiries on the types of the character or item.

It is essential for our internet shopping stores to be able to contact customers by e-mail when making a transaction.
Even if you did not set up your mobile phone company or your mail software, there is a possibility of some settings are made such as blocking some emails or allocating them to spam emails or deleting them.
When you use our shop, please be sure to check the reception setting so that you can receive the e-mail of ""
We may cancel orders from customers who cannot receive e-mails from us.

Currently, we do not offer gift wrapping.

If your address has been changed, please contact immediately at